ONE STOP WIND SHOP for wind measurement and bankability – am 9. Dezember 2020 um 11:38

PROCUREMENT of bankable wind measurement sensors, IEC/ISO 17025-accredited measurement systems, wind measurement masts, RSD (SoDAR/LiDAR) and the transparent data retrieval warranting authenticity and integrity during the measurement campaign in accordance to IEC and MEASNET recommendations are obligations for bankable wind resource assessments and solar resource assessments.

Much care should be taken warranting so-called BANKABILITY and obtaining best insights and results of the measurement campaign at lowest uncertainty possible.

Due to the current absence of a sole, international standard exclusively focussing on wind measurements meant for energy yield prognoses only, in reality the BEST PRACTICES for wind resource assessments do refer to several standards accepted by banks that each touch part of the requirements to be respected:

  •  IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.1 and/or Ed.2
  •  IEC 61400-12-2
  •  FGW Technical Guideline for Wind Turbines, Part 6
  •  MEASNET Power Performance Measurement Procedure
  •  MEASNET Evaluation of Site-Specific Wind Conditions
  •  MEASNET Cup Anemometer Calibration Procedure

Each of these standards intrinsically contains relevant and important information to be complied with in order to warrant that a wind measurement campaign is fully bankable and in accordance to best practices, reflected by consideration of these most recent and by banks accepted standards.

Thus, the quality level reflected by the title BANKABILITY yet is not defined by a single, exclusive standard, but BANKABILITY is conditioning compliance to several standards, each of them with relevance to some important aspects addressing the utmost quality level of wind measurement campaigns to be archived. Lenders and investors firm on wind project, by default demand maximal compliance of any wind measurement campaign with these standards in order to reduce any risks and uncertainties attached to the measurement results, relying on best practices. That leads to acceptance among the capital providers and hence is honoured “BANKABILITY”.

ONE STOP WIND SHOP offers comfortable compliance with requirements of banks and investors

Anticipating entirely on the need to warrant bankability, starting with the sensor selection already, “ONE STOP WIND SHOP” ( offers certified wind measurement systems, wind measurement masts, LiDAR and SoDAR rental and leasing devices as well as diverse accredited expert opinion services. In addition to individual, bankable sensors, the portfolio offered ranges from fully calibrated, certified and bankable wind measurement systems, LiDAR and SoDAR rental and leasing devices to the complete, accredited setup and data management support of entire measurement campaigns, always strictly maintaining data authenticity and integrity.

ProfEC Ventus, as ISO/IEC 17025-accredited Measurement Institute, acts as accredited Testing Laboratory as well as accredited MEASNET Calibration Laboratory with main focus on bankable energy yield assessments and long-term prognoses, wind maps (meso- & micro scale), wind forecasts & CFD–calculations. ProfEC Ventus’ premise as accredited, independent Wind Energy Consulting Company is: to increase success of projects, to assess and identify associated risks that our Clients are facing, to minimize such risks and to qualify and quantify remaining uncertainties at bankable level as well as to most precisely determine any potentially energy losses involved. Our expertise yet was proven in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Fachaufsatz von ProfEC Ventus aus dem neuen Adressbuch der Windenergie 2021.

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